The Resource Virginia letters, (manuscript)

Virginia letters, (manuscript)

Virginia letters, 1818-1910
Virginia letters
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  • A letter, 1818 May 25, J. H. Eustace, Richmond, Va., to Dabney Minor, discusses his business as a broker, and the profit he can make for Minor
  • A letter, 1821 December 9, William [Z?] Hall, Norfolk, Va., to E.A. Russell, Petersburg, Va., concerns commodity prices, particularly corn which is in demand for the West Indies trade, and also discussing salt, flour, rum and lard
  • A letter, 1835 September 9,Thomas A. Ogden, Abingdon, Va., to the Rev. Cortlandt van Rensselaer regrets not meeting and notes [Presbyterian?] church matters in Abingdon, Va
  • Letters, 1839 January 7 and February 8, Campbell Tarr, Richmond, Va., a delegate from Brooke, to his wife Frances, discusses family matters, particularly a land sale by her father. The second letter has an affectionate addtition to his sons John Curran and William Hunter and a note concerning the delivery of some wood
  • A letter, 1841 November 13, William S. Coates, Richmond, Va., to Edwin Lewis, Philadelphia, Pa., urges Lewis to settle in Richmond, describes a tableaux, notes that all the young men belong to debating societies and that a recent topic was South Carolina and nullification, the lack of subscriptions to a dinner in honor of John Tyler, "his accidencey" and a successful one for John Minor Botts
  • A letter, 1844 March 21, K. Tyner, Macon, Ga., to Alex G. Abell, Washington, D. C., discusses a political biography of John Tyler Abell wants distributed, and notes that there are "so few Tyler men here..."
  • A letter, 1845 January 20, John J. London, Amherst Court House, Va., to his brother Daniel H. London, Richmond, Va., concerns an execution against "William" due. He has persuaded the sheriff to sell stock and furniture rather that "the girl." He is hiring out the slaves again and hopes the land will soon be sold and the matter closed. He also mentions some stockholders against Joseph C. Cabell's re-election [as president of the James River & Kanawha Canal Company.]
  • A letter, 1847 July 21, James T. Sutton, Jr. , pension agent, Richmond, Va., to William R. Allen, Burlington, N.J., concerns [a pension?] for a Mrs. Welch
  • A letter, 1848 January 11, G[ideon] D[raper] Camden, Richmond, Va., to Colonel Burton Despard, Clarksburg, Harrison County, Va., reports on transportation and politics, including an effort to get proceeds from the sale of forfeited lands for an academy, favorable legislation for roads, turnpikes and macadamizing in Harrison County instead of a railroad, and reapportioning representation in the General Assembly to give more seats to the area west of the Allegheny
  • A letter, 1847 October 6, R. D. Shepherd, Boston, Mass., to his brother Abraham Shepherd, Martinsburg, Va., comments on the wonder of trans-Atlantic travel by steam, and travel of a "James" on business matters interrupted by the yellow fever in New Albany [Miss.?]
  • A letter, [1848] John H. Kain, [Winchester, Va.?] to John Brocklesby, Hartford, Conn., discusses the "warm devoted piety in the Epis[copal] Church of Virginia" and the difficult task of raising children
  • Draft of a broadside to merchants, [1840s?] for a William Wallace, Richmond, Va., concerning fines levied by the James River and Canal Company for overweight shipments
  • A letter, 1849 February 22, John Kenney, Harrisonburg, Va., to James McDowell, reports that the "danger of a split in the democratic ranks is over" and no one is interested in opposing McDowell
  • A letter, 1852 October 15, James Thomas, Jr., Richmond, Va., to Fisher & Co., Boston, Mass., concerns cigar or twist sales in California
  • A letter, 1854 March 16, E.P. White, Port Tobacco, Md., to Edmund Ruffin, Hanover County, Va., invites him to Caroline County in his capacity as a commissiner of the state agricultural society
  • A letter, 1854 August 28, Nicholas Mills, Richmond, Va., to Motz and Boehm, Philadelphia, concerns a tobacco shipment
  • A letter, 1855 June 25, T. H. Bakewell, Elizabethown, Va., to Mary Tomlinson, West Middletown, Pa., sends family news and comments on deaths in the neighborhood
  • A letter, 1856 March 6, from a journeyman woodworker in Richmond to his brother Edwin N. Bowers, in Ohio, discusses living expenses, his work in his cousin's pattern shop, the weather and the Episcopal Church
  • A letter, 1859 March 5, Benjamin F. Dickinson, Richmond, Va, to Motz and Boehm, Philadelphia, Pa., concerns a shipment of cigars or twist
  • A printed circular signed in type, 1859 June, from Archibald Thomas, to J. R. Nelson of Amissville, Rappahannock County, Va., requests payment for a bond donated to the New Orleans Baptist Church
  • A letter, 1869 June 11, J. E. Jones, Richmond, to R. S. Burrows, regarding the purchases of horses for a street car company and the selection of a route
  • A letter, 1910 July 15, John S. Wise, Cape Charles, Va., to "George" inviting him to come visit and bring the automobile, commenting "What a glorious thing to feel that one can move in July without killing the thing he's driving."
  • A letter, 1910 November 11, Henry S. Huidekoper, Philadelphia, Pa., to John S. Wise, praising Wise's "delightful" book on the presidents, twelve of whom he knew and noting that Wise's estimate of Garfield is "just right."
  • A letter, 1910 November 20, John S. Wise, Cape Charles, Va., to Henry S. Huidekoper, responding to Huidekoper's letter, disparaging Theodore Roosevelt whom he finds a "disappointment ... uncandid & untruthful ... crazed with egoitism," and also commenting unfavorably on Wiliam Jennings Bryan and agreeing with Huidekoper's assessment of Hayes
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Virginia letters, (manuscript)
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